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abc_chinese's Journal

learn asian languages 學 中文
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Welcome to abc_chinese

Welcome to abc_chinese. This community offers lessons on asian languages. Right now only basic Mandarin will be posted up in this community while over the next few months we'll try to get some books for the other languages including Korean, Japanese and Cantonese. For people who are new to this community, each lesson will be saved into the memories and there will be be links to those lessons on the sidebar on your right. Keep a lookout.

This community is also looking for people who can speak fluently in any of those languages because we need your help to correct us if we're wrong in any way. So please join us and help us, thank you.

The community can also be used as a place for discussions on anything chinese/asian related. Please feel free to join and contribute.

Have fun.

~ Please try to use LJ CUTS for any large posts or pictures.
~ Do not post any rubbish, anything unappropriate or illegal.
~ If posting something that may offend, put it behind an lj-cut.
~ Try to respect each other in this community.
~ Do not redistribute anything from this site.

Anyone who do not stick to those rules will be removed.

If you want to promote your community here then thats fine. Just leave an entry with your link and small icon and it'll appear here. However please promote us back.

Thanks to the following websites for the main pictures.