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learn asian languages 學 中文
Pinyin: Part A - Finals 
1st-Feb-2007 09:21 pm
New Lesson
Finals are composed of up to four letters. All thirty-eight finals are made from six single vowels (a, e, I, o, u, ϋ), which can be combined with three consonant endings (n, ng, r). All the finals are listed in this chart. Many vowel sounds in Chinese do not have English equivalents, so pay attention to the pronunciations in the audio clips.

Final By itself Pronunciation
-a a ah
ah, father
-ai ai i
rise, my, eye
-an an ahn
-ang ang ahng
-ao ao ow
-e e uh
no english equivalent
-ei   ay
eight, pay
-en en un
-eng   ung
-er   ur
car, curve (cross between "ar" and "er")

similar to Chinese "uo"
(begin with lips puckered;
end with lips apart)

wore, woman
-ong awng (like "wrong" but with
rounder "o" sound)
Hong Kong
-ou ou oh (begin with lips apart;
end puckered)
go, owe

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